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No, I’m talking about me turning grey. I’ve been showing dogs since 1966. I still have my first dog show trophy, from the German shepherd dog club of Montreal in 1967. That’s a long time ago. There’s.A rare signed postcard of Adolf Hitler with his German Shepherd Blondi is set to. I had a chance to talk to Hitler about his dog Blondi, for I myself loved dogs very much and we had to work with.Plus, you can pre-order doggie bow ties and dog. grain-free cupcake topped with a maple cream-cheese frosting; peanut butter based donuts topped with a yogurt glaze and sprinkles; and.So, we got our German Shepherd puppy a week ago when he was just barely over 8 weeks. Now both the breeder (who own the dam) and my wife’s parents (who own the stud) said that within about 3-4 days after bringing home their dogs originally as pups (at around 8 weeks old as well) their German Shepherd puppies were house trained, and they didn’t have any messes after that.

This video,, can also be seen at, the German Shepherd is a working dog first and foremost. Start fading out the treats soon after you see he’s engaged, on his toes and mentally stimulated. You always want to be one step ahead. One of the secrets with training a German Shepherd is to always quit before you dog has had enough.A puppy breeder arrested on suspicion of murdering. A few yards away from the bodies, in a filthy kennel, police found a German shepherd that had been shot dead, while two other German shepherds.I’ve trained, worked with and lived with German Shepherds and German Shepherd puppies for decades. I KNOW the struggles and the joys, first hand. And, let me assure you that if you train your German Shepherd incorrectly, or neglect training completely, you will end up with an aggressive dog or a fearful behavioral mess.German Shepherd training establishes the boundaries which will help your dog to be a reliable and well respected member of society. German Shepherds love the challenge and mental stimulation they receive from obedience training. From German shepherd potty training right through to advanced obedience training your GSD will prove to be a great.